Times and Silence par Caroline Halley des Fontaines

Times and Silence par Caroline Halley des Fontaines

Titre de livre: Times and Silence

Auteur: Caroline Halley des Fontaines

ISBN: 3832792422

Caroline Halley des Fontaines avec Times and Silence

ISBN: 978-3-8327-9242-8
96 pp., Hardcover, 47 duotone photographs, Format: 27 x 36 cm
In Time and Silence, the photographer Caroline Halley des Fontaines invites us to look back at what has been lost on the road to modernity. The reality we uncover is pure and simple. Halley des Fontaines' subjects are a testimony to the sacred concepts of tradition. Even in everyday chores, they radiate grace and contentment. This mythic exploration profiles the landscape and people from India to Egypt, from Tibet to Afghanistan, from Nepal to Kenya. Halley des Fontaines' photography is settled and composed, depicting portraits of vanishing cultures, in recomposed scenes of life. In glancing at these gentle, black and white images, we rediscover the humanity that unites us all.
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